Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings | Bonfire + Bloom | Everyone works, everyone rests, everyone thrives.


Humble Beginnings | Bonfire + Bloom | Everyone works, everyone rests, everyone thrives.

There’s a lot of pressure on parents to be perfect. We’re constantly bombarded by marketing messages that all ultimately remind us that we’re failing at adulthood and life in general, as a matter of fact, and we’re ruining our children’s future.

I’ve never truly believed that but I must admit, those marketing messages have got in my head more than once. And I’m sick of it. I don’t want to waste another day fighting off a panic attack because we feed our kids GMO tainted fresh produce and can’t afford to buy stylish curtains for our house.

The fact of the matter is, life is expensive. If you think about all the costs that come with life in general and add to that how much it costs to raise human beings… multiplied by the number of human beings you’re responsible for….things add up quick, especially if eating healthy is a priority to your family.

Our family’s goal is to start a homestead so that we can grow our own organic non-GMO produce and meat. But until then? We’re just trying to find the money and build our credit to buy the land. And trying to get control over our real-life one income budget.

Which means there’s not much room for the fluff that society tells us we owe to our children. But let’s, just for a second, tell society to shove off. What do our kids really need from us?

Do they need 25 pairs of shoes? No.

Will they still remember their childhood fondly if the curtains were ugly? Yes.

Do they really need another toy? No.

Will they still feel loved if you tell them no? Yes.

Would they choose taking a walk as a family over getting a new toy? Every time.

Fresh air, real food, love and affection, and a strong sense of security. That’s really all kids need. And honestly, it’s what they really want. It all comes down to making the most of the little things and trusting that they’ll add up. So far, so good.

For our family the little things are going for walks, making up games, respecting one another’s boundaries, and living within our means.

Our house isn’t filled with fancy things but our kids bellies and hearts are full and their funny bones are growing strong, and that’s a win in my book.

There’s something uniquely satisfying about waking up each day with a clear vision of how we want our family’s future to look without a (significant) second thought as to what we “should” be doing as parents.

If you’re in the same position as us, know that you’re not alone. We know how much heart and soul you put into giving your family the life you dream of.

Even if your family’s dream isn’t to own a car for each member of the family and have 3 vacation homes to choose from….even if your house is filled with “cheap” furniture and beautiful masterpieces created by your children, keep your eyes on the prize.

Kids only care about material things if they’re raised to care about them. If you’re happy with your humble beginnings, your children will be happy with them.

Some of my favorite memories of my childhood is the feeling of a fan blowing the summer heat through a room and how every holiday my mom decorated our walls with artwork she kept from all 6 of her kids throughout the years. Our weekly fishing trips and helping each other get ready for school in the morning.

Humble beginnings aren’t hopeless beginnings. Humble beginnings are real beginnings. Remember that, my friends. And allow that pressure to fall off your overburdened shoulders.

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