Equal Responsibility Parenting: Defined

Equal responsibility parenting defined | Bonfire + Bloom

Bonfire + Bloom was created to explore and promote equal responsibility parenting. But what is equal responsibility parenting?

Equal responsibility parenting is an intentional lifestyle in which both mom and dad take initiative in household chores, raising children, and business.

For instance, with equal responsibility parenting if both parents are home and mom gives the baby a bath, dad occupies the toddler and tidies the bathroom while mom dries and dresses the baby.

If mom is at work, dad handles the children and maintains the family schedule and chores. When mom gets home, mom and dad tag team the family schedule and chores. And vice versa.

If both parents work, both parents tag team the family schedule and chores. And they both rest.

In a world of women shattering glass ceilings and building successful 6 figure businesses and women “having it all” or women choosing not to get married and have kids….women are working HARD.

But are they working harder than they should have to? Not enough people are talking about simply balancing the expectations we have for mothers with how little we expect from fathers.

Imagine how much many more successful women entrepreneurs we would have if we simply empowered everyday mothers to demand equality in HER OWN HOME. Think about it.

It’s a lifestyle I’ve worked on creating for my family for the past 2 years. It’s a lifestyle I believe should be the norm and I’m so curious to learn why it isn’t the norm.

Do you fight for equal responsibility in your home?  Why or why not?

I would absolutely be forever grateful for the opportunity to interview YOU if you are a “mompreneur”. Whether you’re struggling or successful or both, I’d LOVE to talk with you about why you do (or don’t) have equal responsibilities in your home.

Email me at jess@bonfireandbloom.com if you’re interested in being interviewed! And be sure to spread the word. The more moms we speak to, the broader perspective we’ll have of the issue and the better a chance of creating change within our own homes.

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